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Villagers are in the pink with panther fun

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A GIANT sunbathing Pink Panther has been greeting Brydekirk residents as they go about their daily exercise.

Ross and Maureen Gow have been creating elaborate disguises worthy of Inspector Clouseau for their giant stuffed Pink Panther and sitting him outside their home to bring a smile to their neighbour’s faces.

THINK PINK . . . Ross and Maureen Gow with Clouseau the Pink Panther

Explaining more, Maureen said: “The Pink Panther was bought for me in 1976 on my third wedding anniversary out in Australia. Then when my son was born in 1982 a friend bought two smaller ones, as the years passed they sort of became part of the family.

“Just before Easter I was looking for something to use to make an Easter bonnet and came across it again, so I decided I would dress him up and put him outside for Easter, it all grew from there.”

So far the Pink Panther – named Clouseau after the bumbling detective – has taken on a variety of personas from artist to sailor to new mum, although Maureen admits it can sometimes be a struggle to create new outfits. She continued: “People have started offering us things for him to wear, but it’s surprising what you can throw together. Every day we try to do something different with a story behind it, today he is out washing the windows!”

The daily displays are so popular with Brydekirk residents that images of Clouseau have been shared as far afield as Australia and South Africa. Maureen said: “I make a video every morning to send to our family, some of them are in Glasgow and some are abroad, and I take a still photo to send to our friends. Where we are in the village everybody comes by and looks to see what it will be that day.

“We were wondering if we should keep going with it but we daren’t stop. One or two days we didn’t put him out because of the weather and people were asking where he was.

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