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TV series turns focus on ‘wedding town’

By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
TV series turns focus on ‘wedding town’

WEDDING venues at Gretna Green are counting down to their own big day - with the debut of a TV documentary series.

Channel 4 series ‘Wedding Town’ is set to debut on Monday August 22, after camera crews spent last summer following the activities of venues, planners and ministers.
Pastor Mark Smith from The River of Life Church in Dumfries is one of those set to be featured, and he said: “The focus was on Gretna and Green, and it was really fascinating to see how they put a production together.
“But also I think the production team’s excitement about the amount of variety and public interest and stories and background weddings – I think they were all fascinated by the way everyone works together as a team, and the way the whole industry ticks over in an incredible with everybody pulling together to make it special for each couple.”
Staff at The Famous Blacksmiths Shop in Gretna Green are expecting a surge in enquiries from couples considering the romantic destination for their wedding day.
The team were followed by Firecracker Productions as they went about their day-to-day duties looking after over 1800 couples who booked their wedding through this local family business.
Wedding manager Michelle Hall was shadowed by the crew, and she said: “It took a bit to get used to – the crew following us about – and sometimes it was necessary to do a ‘re-take’ of a conversation or an action if filming didn’t go quite right the first time.
“It wasn’t easy recreating the moment and making it seem natural all over again.”
The team are excited about seeing the final results.
Michelle said: “It’s like waiting for your wedding day.
“All that effort and planning and then all of a sudden the big day arrives”
The series makes its debut on Channel 4 on Monday August 22 at 2.40 pm.


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