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The #greatlockerbiecleanup

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LITTER strewn, messy Lockerbie is set to shine in time for this year’s gala day next month.

Inspired by the new Lockerbie and District Litter Pickers group, created by local Marjatta Wildwood who organises regular sweeps of the town, another Lockerbie woman is hoping to push the town further.

Long sick of the state of her hometown’s streets, side roads and statues, Karen Agnew has a mission for local residents: to make the town sparkle in time for the annual Gala Day and Riding of the Marches on June 8.

She said: “Marjatta Wildwood’s litter picking group has really inspired me but the team are doing a job that requires many many hands.

“So I started thinking and I want to set the town a mission to clean up Lockerbie before Lockerbie’s busiest and proudest day, the Gala.”

Karen plans to approach local businesses and organisations and ask them to take ownership of their land or a certain area.

She said: “If the police could tidy up outside the station and take ownership, I’ll speak to groups like the Scouts about cleaning up a certain park and I want to see residents get involved, take pride in your street, go a walk with some gloves and a litter picker and get involved.

“This is our town and we need to own it and look after it.”

She added: “A lot of people might moan and say that it’s up to the council to maintain the town but it’s clearly not happening, budgets aren’t there and rather than moan about what was, I’m happy to get stuck in and help.

“And as well as taking pride in Lockerbie, the environment has never been so topical and we should all be doing more to make sure our children’s children are left a well looked after town and planet.”

Karen hopes the town will sparkle on Gala Day morning and locals will keep up the good work and take part in a Christmas clean up too in time for the town’s light switch on.

*Hoping to energise townsfolk into action, Karen also wants locals to take a picture of their litter picks and clean up efforts to encourage others to get involved in the #greatlockerbiecleanup.

Send your photos to reporter Amanda by emailing or to our Annandale Herald Facebook page for your chance to appear in a special clean up feature.

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