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Blood bikers clock up the miles in corona crisis

VOLUNTEERS at Dumfries and Galloway Blood Bikes (DGBB) have covered 25,000 miles this month – the same as riding around the world.

Weekend update: Covid-19

THE number of positive Coronavirus tests in Dumfries and Galloway now stands at 141.

Movers stuck in limbo

HOME buyers and sellers across Dumfries and Galloway are all stuck in limbo due to the coronavirus pandemic impacting on the property market.

Sadness as weddings grind to a halt at Gretna Green

NORMALLY at this time of the year Gretna Green is bustling with spring weddings but one leading hotelier this week described it as ‘eerie and saddening’.

Stay away message

AS the coronavirus pandemic unfolded, animal sanctuary and charity Mossburn at Hightae closed to all visitors.

Regional clubs await Wednesday Decision

ANNAN Athletic and Queen of the South will hear from the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) regarding the coronavirus pandemic on Wednesday.

Diner keeps on trucking

AN ANNANDALE truckstop is supporting the transport sector by keeping their doors open for drivers of heavy goods vehicles.

Be nice plea

A LOCKERBIE Post Office owner has pleaded with customers to stop verbally abusing her and staff members.

Keep calm and carry on

THE coronavirus crisis and lockdown is causing a lot of concern and anxiety – but it’s ok to be worried, says counsellor Linda Mclachlan, founder of Dumfries mental health charity Soul Soup.

122 cases

DUMFRIES and Galloway has seen an increase of 18 new coronavirus cases from the Scottish Government daily updates bringing the region’s total to 122.

60 hour weeks for food charity

A FOOD delivery service is going above and beyond to keep clients fed during the coronavirus pandemic, despite staff shortages.

Ten die from virus

TEN people have died in Dumfries and Galloway from coronavirus in the last week.

Council free up £1.4m for corona hardship

A HARDSHIP fund has been set up by Dumfries and Galloway Council aimed at the region’s most vulnerable residents and those experiencing poverty during the coronavirus outbreak.

Screening suspended

BREAST, cervical, bowel, abdomen and eye screening are all being suspended temporarily in the region on the orders of the Scottish Government.

Daily NHS update: 92 cases

TODAY’S Scottish Government update has revealed there are now 92 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Dumfries and Galloway.

First Covid-19 deaths in D&G

THE region’s first coronavirus deaths have been announced today.

Hundreds volunteer

OVER 800 people have signed up to be volunteers in Dumfries and Galloway.

Coronavirus Update

DUMFRIES and Galloway has seen an increase of 3 coronavirus cases from the Scottish Government daily updates.

Student pair offer help

TWO university student friends are offering educational help to pupils and parents in the region while the schools are off.

Backpacking nurse bids to get home to help

A DUMFRIES nurse stranded in Australia is pleading with the government to help her get home so she can help support the NHS.

From gin to sanitiser

A DISTILLERY in Annandale is helping in the battle against coronavirus with a ‘gin-credible’ idea.

Last wedding before lockdown

A LOCKERBIE couple were one of the last to tie the knot in the region as the country went into lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Stay at home plea from coronavirus patient

A LOCKERBIE woman who has been hospitalised with coronavirus has spoken of her horrendous ordeal and has pleaded for people to stay at home and abide by the government’s lockdown rules.

Families asked to do more care

FAMILIES and friends of people receiving Care at Home services are now being asked to take on the role.

31 cases

THE number of coronavirus cases in the region has risen again, to 31

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Drivers needed urgently

AN urgent plea has gone out for volunteer drivers to bring food to Dumfries and Galloway’s vulnerable residents.

Message from Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer

DR CATHERINE Calderwood says: “This week brings with it a change of advice for anyone with symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) who needs to seek medical help.

Breaking news: 26 cases of Covid-19

THERE has been a jump in the number of positive tests for Covid-19 from 18 yesterday to 26 today.

Hotels could have care role

HOTELS could be used as temporary care facilities once the region’s care homes fill up.

You must comply, say police

POLICE Scotland’s top cop says he expects everyone to comply with the new social distancing measures announced by the Government last night.

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