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Strange plane encounter

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By Fiona Reid
Strange plane encounter

HAVE you ever seen a ghost plane? That’s the question being posed by a Yorkshire man after a strange experience in Dumfriesshire.

Mr Jagger, who lives in Bingley, has got in touch to recount an incident that happened to him and his wife about ten years ago.

They were driving home from a holiday on the isle of Arran via the A76 and A75.

He said: “We were travelling down the A76, the road was very twisting with trees on our left and a gully with a river on our right. It must have been close to the picnic area and toilet stop.

“Driving down the road a plane appeared from nowhere. It was very low and looked to be heading straight at us.

“The plane had two propellors, the cockpit was lit and I could see the pilot – he seemed to be smiling at us. He looked like you see in American films with a leather jacket and peaked cap.”

Mr Jagger said they were both ‘scared stiff’, adding: “I said to my wife ‘for God’s sake, don’t stop, that thing is coming down. We drove straight underneath it.

“My wife was looking her rear view mirror and I was twisting in my seat to see if it had crashed or for an explosion. There was no sign of anything in the air or on the ground. Nothing.”

The couple continued their journey and pulled into the services on the M6 to discuss what had just happened.

Mr Jagger added: “I asked my wife what it was and if she heard any noise at all. Neither of us could remember if we heard anything or it was frighteningly silent.

“This has been on my mind for about ten years and it’s about time I told someone else about it. I wonder have other people had anything similar happen to them?

“The more I think about it, the more I am convinced it could not be a real plane. Is there such a thing as ghost planes? If so, why us? We could have been run off the road that evening and may not have been here.”

* Can you explain what the Jaggers experienced? Contact [email protected]

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