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Spelling test

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By Fiona Reid

DEFINITELY or definitly? Seperate or separate? Neccesary or necessary? Independent or independant? Embarrass or embarass?

Which of the paired words is the correct spelling?
According to a new national survey into spelling and grammar, these are the top five words that parents struggle to spell.
And many are also unsure when to use you’re and your; or its and it’s; and their, there and they’re.
The study by DK found that only half of mums and dads (56 per cent) would be confident to check their child’s homework for spelling, punctuation and grammar.
And nearly a fifth know their spelling isn’t as good as it should be.
However, 18 per cent think good spelling is not as important these days because of modern technology.
But TV star Carol Vorderman, who is also a bestselling children’s education author, disagrees. She said: “We are sometimes told that spelling and grammar are ‘out of fashion’ but it seems that they are just as important as ever. Even though language evolves and the ways in which we put words together changes rapidly, particularly in social media, spelling and grammar remain the vital building blocks.
“They provide a solid foundation for children as they learn to read, write and communicate.”
Do you agree?


(ps – the correct spellings are definitely, separate, necessary, independent and embarrass!)

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