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‘Sick’ puzzle fury

By Fiona Reid
'Sick’ puzzle fury

DISTURBING jigsaws based on real life scenes from the Lockerbie Disaster have been discovered online.

Games website Jigsaw Planet includes 40 easily accessible puzzles depicting harrowing images of the 1988 air crash, including views of some of the victims’ bodies.

They have been created from stills from a National Geographic documentary, as well as actual images from the time.

Among the grim jigsaws that can be completed

is a photograph of search and rescue teams combing a field littered with debris and body bags.

There are also pictures of the town covered in aircraft parts, as well as the rebuilt jumbo jet in its hangar afterwards.

They were all posted online in May this year by one user and can be accessed and completed by anyone worldwide.

One avid local puzzler who uses the site was ‘sickened and shocked’ to stumble across them and has called for them to be taken down.

And Lockerbie Community Council chairwoman Jan Andrews was yesterday furious to hear about the existence of the jigsaws and said: “It’s disgusting and we would absolutely call for them to be taken down. It’s sick.

“I think it’s absolutely shocking, especially at a time when Syracuse is doing their remembrance and we will be laying a wreath at Christmas, it’s just the last thing people want to see.

“I am disgusted that anyone would even think it’s acceptable. It’s horrible for people, I am furious.”

Responding, a spokeswoman for Jigsaw Planet said: “We apologise for the problem, but unfortunately, Jigsaw Planet is a user-generated content site. So all images are uploaded by our users, we provide only service for creating and playing puzzles online.

“There are very many pictures uploaded on our website every day, and the mistake can happen during the filtering of inappropriate content. “ If the puzzle will be inconsistent with Terms & Services of Jigsaw Planet, we’ll remove it.”

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