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Public urged to have say on HS2 depot

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By Donald Turvill
Annan and Eskdale
Public urged to have say on HS2 depot
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MORE details of the HS2 train depot planned for Annandale have been revealed as part of the project’s public consultation.

The proposed designs illustrate a train stabling facility, maintenance shed and accommodation building on an 80 hectare site between Kirkpatrick Fleming and Gretna Green.

The depot is included in phase two of HS2, which will see high speed services extended to Scotland, via Carlisle and Birmingham.

Up to 28 trains will need overnight stabling and light maintenance and Annandale is the UK government’s preferred location. If it gets the go-ahead it could lead to the creation of 100 jobs locally.

Other features of the construction include a carriage washer, traction substation, automatic vehicle inspection unit and an access road.

It will mean some changes in the area of the depot and these are explained in the Western Leg Design Refinement report, now out for consultation.

It says that the south-facing connection between the site and the railway would cut off road access to the adjacent Cranberry Farm. In response to this, the construction of a new bridge is proposed.

Similarly, the road leading to the nearby Williamsfield Farm would be blocked if plans go ahead, with a new access proposed “via the access road for Cranberry Farm and a diversion along the field boundaries.”

Dumfriesshire politicians David and Oliver Mundell are keen for nearby residents to give their views on the proposals.

In a joint statement, they said: “This has the potential to provide long-term employment opportunities in an area which has seen challenges as a result of the decomissioning of Chapelcross and recent issues affecting the wedding industry.

“Ultimately, it will be for local residents to give their views but we hope constituents will look at the proposals in the round.”

They added: “We should strongly encourage people to share their thoughts as part of the formal consultation.”

The full report is available to view on the UK Government’s website,, with responses, questions and feedback welcomed. The deadline for responding to the consultation is 11.45 pm on December 11 2020.

Picture: © Crown copyright and database rights 2019

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