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Property firm taps into web pledge trend

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By Rod Edgar
Annan and Eskdale
Property firm taps into web pledge trend

AN ENTREPRENEUR from Annan is taking an innovative approach to a new £3 million investment project.

But as he builds up his new property venture, Edward Stevenson is maintaining his ties to the town where he grew up with his firm sponsoring a football match in Annan in memory of two men who died as a result of cancer.
Moving to London 11 years ago to start his career, Edward said: “With my business partners we set up a company from scratch in 2006 and after years of persevering we have now managed to launch a new product across the country.
“The property development investment venture from Quanta Group is based on crowd-funding where people use the Internet to pledge money towards a project, which goes ahead if the target is reached.”
Gathering national media attention with his new venture, Edward, 36, said: “Crowd-funding was popular with some other investment types, and its come into the property world a bit.
“We’ve been working with Crowdstacker, who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) so it’s all protected, and all structured in the right way, and we’re allowed to advertise it.
“The venture is offering a fixed 6.8 per cent return on a three-year £700 investment as part of a pool of investors, with the money developing a portfolio of properties across the UK.”
Edward added: “Our ambition is to take the company onto the stock market, to become a listed company, and I think if I did that I would probably be one of the first people in Annan to do so.”
And Edward is maintaining his connections to Annan, with Quanta Group sponsoring a charity football match in Annan on July 25 in memory of Chris Donaldson and John Aitken.
Edward said: “Chris Donaldson left a son behind, so we have an annual game for him to raise a little bit of money, and then John Aitken passed away last year. They set up the JMA Trust for him.
“And with this football game that we play every year, our company Quanta will sponsor it, and it will just be a nice thing to do.”


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