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Poet sums up the Christmas season

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By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
Poet sums up the Christmas season

HUGH Morton from Annan put pen to paper to describe the 2020 festive season. It’s called ‘Christmas Song’:

“Christmas time, mistletoe and wine,

Gin and tonic, lager and lime,

Turn up the heating, be nice and cosy,

Two metres apart and everything’s rosie.

Plate up the turkey, enough for two,

Party hats for me and you.

Christmas time, everything will be fine,

You eat yours and I’ll eat mine,

One leg each, that’s all we’ll need,

All our pets will get a good feed.

Top up the glasses, have another drink,

Paper plates – no dishes in the sink.

Christmas time, look forward to next year,

Have another drink and give a big cheer,

Hopefully the vaccine will do the trick,

We’ll get back to work, less folk on the sick,

Holidays again, lying in the sun,

It’ll be good to be active again having fun . . . HOPEFULLY!

Ice warning after  dog death at loch

Ice warning after dog death at loch

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15th Jan

Greengrocer slams paltry food boxes

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Greengrocer slams paltry food boxes
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