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Poem plea to Santa Claus

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By Fiona Reid
Poem plea to Santa Claus

THIS week’s announcements on Christmas arrangements inspired Janice Marshall, of Eastriggs, to write this poem. She said: “Some might agree, some might disagree. It’s tough times at the minute, for sure.”

Dear Santa

Dear Santa . . . I don’t know what to wish for this year?

Maybe because my mind is full of doubt and fear!

I really don’t need any gifts of the material kind,

I could just do with you giving me some peace of mind!

Dear Santa . . . if you could fix things then I know you would,

I believe in you – like all good people should!

Coronavirus is not really kind – no matter the season,

Should we have a Xmas party? – might give it a reason?

Dear Santa . . . Christmas is the time to spread good cheer,

But I think we should be careful – let me make that clear!

It would be nice to have a gathering and be merry,

Indulge in some mince pies and a wee drop of sherry!

Dear Santa . . . we can enjoy Christmas regardless – I say,

Save all the parties and shenanigans for a safer day!

Our family is important, we need them to stay fit,

So staying apart might be best, even if it hurts a bit!

Dear Santa . . . this is my final wish to you for now,

Please keep all my family and friends safe, somehow!

When this virus has been run out of town . . .

We will have a hell of a party and let our hair down!

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