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Physio dishes out homeworking advice

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By Abbey Morton
Physio dishes out homeworking advice

A LOCKERBIE physio is seeing a different side to the Covid-19 pandemic — aches and pains associated with home working.

Sandra Jerrett, of the Physio Stop, which opened two weeks before the initial lockdown in March last year, says that while working from home has many benefits, the environment is often not set up for typical office work.

Aside from the lack of social interaction, distractions and isolation, many people are faced with unsuitable working equipment.

Sandra, a physio for almost 40 years, said: “We have seen an increase in the number of people asking for help with neck, back and shoulder problems that have either started or worsened since they have been working from home.

“In an office situation there are directives in place to ensure the display screen equipment (DSE) is set up correctly to minimise stress and strain on the body and eyes but at home people are sometimes having to ‘make do’ with working sat at the kitchen table, on the settee and in cramped surroundings.

“In the short term, this may be okay, but this is no longer a short-term problem, people are working at home for months on end and for some, they may never go back to an office base as companies change their working rationale.”

She added that many clients are conscious of finding a good chair, but do not always consider the table, lighting, footrests etc, and often do not spend time adjusting their workstation at home the same way through would in the office.

Sandra said: “As an example, when you get into your car after someone else has driven it, you adjust the seat and mirrors before driving off – we should be doing the same at home with our ‘office’ equipment.

“The key to being comfortable ia good posture and support.

“But, even a good posture is bad for you if it is static for too long.”


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