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Party bag wars

By Fiona Reid
Party bag wars

PARTY bags are quite frankly the bane of my life.

Whether it’s giving or receiving, I loathe them.

Of course my children feel differently and receiving the hallowed bag of tat is the pinnacle of any gathering for them.

My problem is I never feel I get them quite right. We’ve done all sweets; sweets and ‘favours’; practical gifts like cups and toiletries; sticker books instead of bags; and also traditional with a balloon, cake, party popper and small gift.

But every time there’s been an issue. One child, arms laden with a sticker book, sweets, balloon and cake, proceeded to ask me when she was getting her party bag…. I calmly pointed out she didn’t have room to carry anything else – and then I banged my head against a brick wall.

Another time, one little girl’s bottom lip was trembling because she didn’t have exactly the same in her bag as her friend.

And don’t even get me started on the unexpected party guests, who never RSVP but expect a bag all the same. Cue last minute panic and sharing of the spoils….Arggggg.

Motherhood is a competitive game and I’ve heard tales of party bags with tshirts, Lego packs, super water pistols and even DVDs.

I try not to get sucked in, but after two birthdays in two months (and about 50 party bags later….), I’ve just about fine tuned it. Roll on daughter number 3’s birthday in August for the best bags yet!


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