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Parking woes grow on residential roads

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By Amanda Kennedy
Lockerbie and Lochmaben

AN OUTCRY for better parking throughout Lockerbie has been sparked yet again.

Previously it was promised that a parking audit would take place after the town’s regeneration works were completed.
However, speaking at Tuesday night’s meeting of Lockerbie Community Council, Annandale North Councillor Gail Macgregor said: “I am personally really disappointed that there are no plans for an audit right now.They have plans but there is no timescale.
“We finally start to see all the pieces of the puzzle slotting together in Lockerbie then we get this blow.”
Parking issues have been rife in Lockerbie lately and complaints have been rolling in from residents of streets such as Lambhill Terrace, Bridge Street and Rosebank Crescent.
A Rosebank Crescent resident, who does not want to be named, complained this week that residents with up to three cars and large work vans were taking up the bulk of the parking in her street.
She said: “If we are lucky they park two cars in the drive, but leave work vans on the street taking up two parking spaces.
“One resident has a large trailer permanently parked on the street as well as two cars.
“I really cannot understand why, in this day and age people bring work vans home. They all have cars which they could drive to and from work in, and leave the vans at work, especially at weekends.”
She added: “I know they pay car tax but could they not have some consideration for neighbours. More often than not, the van is parked in front of a neighbour’s house instead of their own. It is very frustrating.
“In my view, residential are as should be for residents, cars and motorcycles only, not work vehicles and vans.”
Issues have been raised with Annandale Councillors and elected members Gail Macgregor and Stephen Thompson are working with many residents who are suffering from parking problems.

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