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Movers stuck in limbo

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HOME buyers and sellers across Dumfries and Galloway are all stuck in limbo due to the coronavirus pandemic impacting on the property market.

As the global issue shows no sign of slowing down, the Government has suspended the housing market until further notice – and that decision has left many people locally in difficult positions.

Leanne Clark and her finance Sean Black should have been settling into their new home in Dumfries last Thursday but were told not to move at the 11th hour when Registers of Scotland closed. Unlike in England and Wales, it does not provide an online service so all transactions are on hold.

After renting for many years the couple were excited about buying their first property together and are devastated at the last minute change. Leanne said: “We should be in our forever home but instead had to move back to the old house and had no furniture. The company will not deliver to us and because of this one of our sons is having to stay with his granny. It’s been so stressful.”

Both Leanne and Sean have managed to get some basic bits of furniture and have been able to get wi-fi up and running so one of their sons can do his school work online. Planning ahead, she said: “When this is all under control, I plan to host a big celebration in my new home, that’s for sure.”

Meanwhile in Lockerbie, Ann Hornell is in a different situation as she is looking to move house but with the market being brought to a standstill has had to put her ambitions on the backburner for now. She said: “Ours is on the market, but all viewings are being stopped, we won’t be going anywhere very soon.”

The closure of Registers of Scotland is causing major problems for Gillian Blaylock, who was overseeing the move of her 76-year-old mum move closer to her. That was meant to take place yesterday but has not transpired and Gillian, from Dumfries, said: “We have been refurbishing frantically for the last few months but the problems with the Registers Of Scotland and Land Registers closing last week means we are in a current state of limbo. It’s difficult as we have no idea when this move can be done and she is currently in isolation due to age and health apart from a carer and myself. “We cannot organise removal companies and we are unable to reinstate broadband, etc.

“It’s all a very upsetting time but as long as she is safe, we will just have to work with it all.”

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