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More flower power needed to make town bloom

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By Fiona Reid
Lockerbie and Lochmaben
More flower power needed to make town bloom

A LONG standing Lockerbie group who work hard to make the town flourish and bloom every year are desperately appealing for new members.

Lockerbie in Bloom, who have been running for over ten years, are a group of volunteers that help provide free flowers for the town.

Secretary Catherine Lacey said: “Lockerbie in Bloom strive to make the town a better place by boosting the appearance of flowers. “We want to make Lockerbie a more cheerful and bright place to live.” The group also offer community allotment spaces and encourage people to take on a space and grow their own produce.

However 2015 has been a difficult year for the them. A spell of bad weather earlier this year saw many of the plants die off, leaving the bloom group out of pocket after paying to replace many of the lost flowers.

Last month the committee, who are based at Queen’s Crescent, appealed to Lockerbie Community Council for extra support, but are still desperate for new members to get on board.

Speaking at the meeting, member Norman McLeod said: “A lot of our members are on the older side and it would be good to get some young blood.

“It can be quite strenuous work and physically demanding so it would be good to get some fit youngsters helping us, especially to erect the baskets.”

He added: “Lockerbie in Bloom is something that benefits everyone, but a lot of people might not realise how much volunteer work and effort goes in to pulling it off. These baskets don’t just appear overnight but take months of planning and nurturing.”

Praising their work, Councillor Stephen Thompson added: “It’s amazing how much of a difference a small number of volunteers can make to Lockerbie’s streets every year, and it would be great if anyone with a few hours to spare could help Lockerbie in Bloom by getting involved to help with the plants or the heavy lifting.”


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