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Mixed views on sculpture town idea

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By Donald Turvill
Annan and Eskdale
Mixed views on sculpture town idea
Paul envisions that Sculpture Town status would encourage fellow sculptors from all around Scotland and the world to bring their work to the area and add to his existing sculpture trail on Newbie Path.

AN artist’s proposal to make Annan ‘The Sculpture Town’ has met with a mixed reaction locally.

Last week we reported on sculptor Paul Cowan’s vision to transform the town’s fortunes.

He opposed a suggestion put forward by local councillor Richard Brodie to name Annan the History Town, saying: “Every town has history, and Annan’s has largely gone. The title is also not in keeping with the other named towns in the region, as they are all arts based. So let’s call Annan the Sculpture Town.”

His idea has met with both support and criticism from Observer readers.

Hazel Carpenter said: “I think it’s a good idea if it encourages other artists to take part and contribute. I really like a lot of Paul’s sculptures but they are not to everyone’s taste. Art is very subjective. Anything that could attract visitors is a good idea I think.”

Ross Hunt added: “No! The “sculptures” we have already can’t even be done correctly or finished? The fisherman has turned into a massive joke. And the rest of them just look like scrap.”

Callum Kerr suggested: “Instead of putting money into sculptures, why not put it into renovating Annan town itself?”

Jennifer Holt said: “I think we should concentrate on the fly tipping in all the lay-bys coming up to Annan and making the area look much more attractive and encouraging new businesses before blowing cash on sculptures!”

Ghislane Duncan wrote that she would be on board with the idea, adding: “So long as other sculptors get involved and it’s a community project.

“Possibly works of art dotted along the Annandale Way might be of interest rather than a sculpture park?”

Responding to the Facebook comments, Paul said: “There seems to be some confusion here, I want to do this for other artists as well and all to try and bring new people into the area to visit and stay for a while, which would help all our local businesses.

“It’s time Annan stopped forever looking to the past and thought about the future. Somebody has to try. That would be me.”

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