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Memorial area officially opened

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By Fiona Reid
Memorial area officially opened

A SPECIAL memorial was opened at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary this week.

Baby loss charity Sands have worked with the region’s NHS to create a garden area for bereaved families. It is located in the hospital grounds and features a stone circle created by sculptor Max Nodwell.

Explaining his inspiration, Max said: “Most people, when they stand in an ancient stone circle, can sense the timeless presence of the place, the innumerable lost generations of people that have visited the stones for reasons of spirituality or curiosity. If enough stones still stand, there is a feeling of being enclosed within an open landscape. There is a temptation to be still and to ponder what surrounds you.

“While I was thinking about this project, I felt that these attributes of a stone circle might be of some comfort to people that circumstances had brought to the nearby ward and that if they spent a few minutes within a circle of roughly human-sized stones they might remember all the people around them that loved and protected them.

“There are ties and bonds between all people and organisations and I hoped that my rope carvings might symbolise that.”

Members of Sands Dumfries and Galloway are delighted with the space and a spokeswoman said: “We love Max’s thoughts behind the sculptures, and hope families can get some comfort from the area.

“In future there will also be a beautiful tree to further enhance the setting.

“We want to thank Max for his vision and hard work, the people of D&G who helped fundraise and to Stephen Howie of NHS D&G for facilitating the project.”

Meanwhile, Dumfries and Galloway Council lit up its headquarters in English Street this week to mark Baby Loss Awareness Week, following a request from South Scotland MSP Emma Harper.

She said: “Baby loss and miscarriage can have a profound emotional impact upon women, their partner and their family and we must look to see what additional care can be given to people who suffer.

“I’m pleased to see Dumfries and Galloway Council have lit their buildings to mark Baby Loss Awareness Week.”

Sculptor Max Nodwell with Sands DG founder Alison Hall
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