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Mandy’s mission to rehome hounds

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A WOMAN who works to find homes for retired greyhounds has urged people to consider adopting them as a family pet in 2020.

Mandy Bleasdale runs the Happy Houndz kennel in Lockerbie and has helped rehome thousands of the dogs over the last decade.

Over the past two years there has been a sharp increase in the amount of greyhounds looking for a new family to take care of them.

Mandy explained: “There’s more and more greyhounds in need of getting rehomed due to a lot of the racing tracks shutting down.

“It’s not just a problem regionally but nationally. Thousands of greyhounds need new forever homes, it’s such a shame.”

Mandy currently has 17 greyhounds to rehome – with 12 pooches currently on the waiting list.

For some, greyhounds are seen as purely racing dogs but Mandy insists they’re much more than that.

She said: “Greyhounds are easy to look after, I like to say they’re like cats as they only need two 20 minutes walks per day.

“They’re full of love and just need a good home to show what they’re capable of as a family pet.

“Some of the greyhounds have been here for six years, they’re brilliant dogs who are really friendly and well-behaved. They’re very healthy and have none of the inherited problems of many other breeds have.”

Mandy, whose home is also one of 52 UK branches of the Greyhound Trust, set up a charity and shop Alfies Dream for Greyhounds last year – after her nine-year-old ex-racer Alfie suffered a crippling spinal injury and unfortunately passed away.

Urging people to come forward and help volunteer at her newly opened shop at 28 Well Street, Moffat, Mandy said: “We are looking for volunteers for the shop so if anyone fancies some time in the shop, please get in touch.

“We will be focusing on events this year to get the dogs and humans out and about to highlight how great greyhounds are as family pets for the young and old.”

For more information, call Mandy on 01576 202273.

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