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Hot and sticky

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By Fiona Reid
Hot and sticky

PHEW, it's hot, hot, hot!

But I’m not complaining, it’s about time we had a bit of summer.

My hands are sweating, my make up won’t stay on and my fake tan is patchy, but it’s still nice to see the sun.

I’m not one of those glamorous beach types, quite the opposite in fact: my hair tends to frizz when the thermometer rises and unlike many of my colleagues, I don’t really tan. Plus, I find sunbathing uncomfortable and I don’t really like the way sand gets everywhere.

After years of slapping on fake tan (I’m totally anti sunbeds) and covering up with Factor 50, I’ve decided to embrace my English rose complexion. After all if Nicole Kidman can be pale and interesting, then I’m sure I can pull it off too.

So this summer – however long it lasts – I’ll be rocking the big hat and sunglasses look and keeping cool with a cocktail or two.

Vive la difference!




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