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Hollywood star in town for disaster drama

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By Abbey Morton
Lockerbie and Lochmaben
Hollywood star in town for disaster drama

A HOLLYWOOD star has been shooting a film about the Lockerbie Air Disaster in the area.

Danny Huston, famous for his roles in Oscar-winning Big Eyes, X-Men, Hitchcock and is currently starring in American Horror Story, has been filming scenes in the town as well as at Tundergarth for his latest movie The Last Photograph.

Based on the book of the same name, the film casts Danny, 53, as protagonist Tom, a father grieving his son who was killed in Pan Am Flight 103 when it crashed in Lockerbie four days before Christmas 1988.

Danny is the half-brother of The Addams Family actress Anjelica Huston, and son of The Maltese Falcon director John Huston.

In addition to starring in the film, Danny follows in his father’s footsteps as its director.

While shooting, Danny has been staying and eating at The Dryfesdale Hotel.

He left early on Tuesday morning.

Hotel owner Glenn Wright said: “He’s been back and forth for a couple of weeks and we’ve been delighted to have him here.

“He’s been shooting in Lockerbie and up at Tundergarth. I’m not sure if he has more to do but if he does we will be more than happy to welcome him back.”

The busy hotel, which holds more than 130 weddings a year, also played host to other film staff and crew.

A diner in the restaurant on Sunday afternoon said: “When we arrived there were police in the reception area. Now we realise they must have been there for him.

“He kept his sunglasses on for the entire meal. At one point he put his normal glasses over the top of his sunglasses to read the menu. “

He walked through the restaurant a couple of times, wearing a long black coat and was also walking around the grounds.”

The story, in both the book and the film, centres on the theft of a photograph of Tom and his son Luke, taken the day before Tom was killed in the 1988 tragedy.

Set between London and Lockerbie, the story sees dad Tom, played by Danny, hunting down the thieves.

Speaking to Screendaily earlier this year he said: “The story is a simple one, made up of fragmented memories, the present and the past, told out of chronology.

“Love, loss, terror … and the hopeful promise of change.”

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