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Happy ending to story of the missing bear

By Lisa Barbour
Annan and Eskdale
Happy ending to story of the missing bear

A STORYBOOK charting a lost teddy bear’s stay in Gretna Green is proving to be an online hit.

BEAR ADVENTURE . . . guest relations manager Duncan Harkness, pictured with Smithy Bear, has penned a storybook about a lost teddy’s stay in Gretna Green

Duncan Harkness, guest relations manager at Smiths at Gretna Green, decided to document the many activities on offer in the love capital when Bellows the Bear was left behind after a family holiday.
And the team at the boutique hotel had great fun showing Bellows the various guest facilities, while he also proved a hit with tourists when he popped across the road to the Famous Blacksmiths Shop.
Duncan said: “Within my role I am always encouraged to find ways to go above and beyond to make every guest stay memorable.
“Knowing that every day counts when it’s a child’s treasured teddy bear I wanted to find a way to put a positive spin on Bellows’ extra days at our hotel.
“The storybook was initially intended to just be e-mailed to the family but once word spread and more and more people asked about Bellows we uploaded a photo album to our Smiths Hotel Facebook page.”
And Bellows’ experience was made even more fun when he made friends with the hotel mascot Smithy Bear.
Duncan added: “At first Bellows was a little bit nervous to be left all alone. But after partnering with Smithy Bear he quickly experienced the best hospitality Gretna Green has to offer.
“Between having cocktails at the bar, relaxing in the beauty salon and taking in the history of the Famous Blacksmiths Shop I hope he enjoyed his stay.
“With luck Bellows’ story will encourage more people to come and see Gretna Green.”
And Bellows family, who have since been reunited with the treasured teddy, were delighted to receive the storybook, which is now proving a favourite bedtime story.
Mum Sarah Jones said: “I was really surprised that they had gone to so much trouble in writing a story about Bellows’ adventures.
“It was such a lovely thing to do and my children Beatrix and Eira love the story and were so happy to see he was being well cared for.
“He has safely been returned home after taking one of our delivery lorries back to Wales and he was also accompanied by his new chum Smithy


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