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Gym team’s despair at second lockdown

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By Donald Turvill
Gym team’s despair at second lockdown
Robert Meiklem and Lisa Hall

STAFF at a Moffat gym have hit back at news of another nationwide lockdown that will again see gymnasiums and fitness centres across the country close their doors until further notice.

Robert Meiklem, personal trainer at the Gym at Moffat, said this week on the first day of the new restrictions: “For gyms, January is typically one of the busiest months of the year. It starts January and will typically park towards the Easter break.

“Most gyms can generally use that income to boost themselves in the quiet months during summer. Taking those months away potentially could be vital for many gyms and fitness centres to survive.

“We noticed when we reopened last September how much people were thankful to come back, not just for their fitness but their mental health too. They needed that interaction.”

Asked if he thinks a ‘happy medium’ could be reached where members would still be able to visit the gym with reduced capacity, he replied: “We haven’t had a single case come from our gym and if you look further afield it’s negligible in comparison to places like supermarkets. Gym users already clean down well and since the first lockdown had taken really well to the extra restrictions put in place.

“We have increased our cleaning times, added in hand sanitisers at doors, wet wipe stations, masks to be wore in corridors and enforced the two-metre rule. No one complained and all complied too as they all knew gyms where unjustifiably targeted last time. This time they even have statistics to back it up that gyms shouldn’t be closed.”

He added that the gym has set up a community Facebook group to keep members connected and motivated throughout lockdown, and urged people to “stay fit, stay active and you’ll improve your chances of fighting the virus.”

Fellow staff member Paula Morrow said: “The reaction we are getting with our online live classes or challenges is fantastic.

“We are getting a great response within the local community and further afield too, not just our members. This is for all to join in not just our members, however our current member list will also get a few extra bits too.”

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