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Gran delivers baby at side of A75

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By Abbey Morton
Annan and Eskdale
Gran delivers baby at side of A75

MOST babies have a local hospital as their place of birth, but one of Annan’s newest residents has somewhere a little more unusual on her birth certificate.

Little Ada Wallace Graham was so keen to meet her family that she came four days early . . . and couldn’t even wait for mum Hayley Anne Wallace to arrive at the maternity ward!

The 6lb 4oz wee tot was delivered by her grandmother, Sharon Wallace, on the A75 and a shoelace was used to clamp the cord until paramedics arrived.

Hayley Anne, who is also mum to five-year-old Sophia, didn’t realise how quickly things were progressing on October 20.

Shortly before the birth, she had enjoyed a meal with her family at the Cafe Royal, where she was having strong pains.

She said: “I phoned the hospital when I got home but I wasn’t to go up, so I waited and went for a warm bath.

“I decided just to go up after that.

“My mam was driving the car, we got onto the A75 and baby’s head was basically out so my mam had to pull in at the side of the road.

“By then she was actually out, my mam phoned the ambulance and they took Ada and me to the hospital.

“I stayed that night and was out the next day, we are doing fine and Sophia loves her to bits.”

In order to keep the newborn warm, Hayley Anne wrapped her in her own jumper until the ambulance arrived.

And she revealed her mum’s car needed a good clean after being used as a makeshift labour ward.

Hayley Anne is settling in well to life as a mum-of-two but says she doesn’t think she will have any more children, due to her history of speedy labours.

She explained that while she made it to hospital with her first born, she was fully dilated upon arrival.

And she said: “They said that if I was to have anymore I’d have to have labour stuff at home on stand by.”


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