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Gala principals continue family traditions

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By Fiona Reid
Gala principals continue family traditions

THE countdown to Moffat Gala is now in full swing following the selection of the town's two biggest principals.

James Rogerson, 21, is this year’s Shepherd and Vicki Boa, 22, is Shepherd’s Lass
James is in his final year of university, studying nutrition, and has strong family links to the local celebration.
He said: “I wanted to be shepherd this year for two reasons: firstly, it is a town tradition that I have wanted to be a part of since a very young age.
“Secondly, it is a family tradition that I want to carry on too.”
This year marks 59 years since his nana, Christine Rogerson, was Shepherd’s Lass.
His aunt, two uncles and some cousins have also held the prestigious titles.
He added: “I am most looking forward to representing my town at various events throughout the year and meeting other representatives from around the region too.”
University of West of Scotland student nurse Vicki is in her final year of university and also works part time at Auchen Castle.
She said: “I wanted to be Shepherdís Lass as I think it will be a great opportunity to meet new people and represent the town. I also think it will be a great experience.”
This year it will be 30 years since her mum, Myra, was Shepherd’s Lass and ten years since her older cousin Eleanor Boa was Lass.
She added: “I am really looking forward to the whole gala weekend, carrying on a family tradition, and taking on the role for this year.”