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Fire crew callouts detailed

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By Fiona Reid
Fire crew callouts detailed

ANNANDALE and Eskdale had the lowest ratio of accidental house fires in the region last year at 17.

And the number of callouts for fire crews also fell by 12 per cent to 405, with a drop in false alarms as well.

Incidences of deliberate fires remained the same as the previous year and 6-9 pm has been highlighted as the main time for such events, which involve outdoor structures, grassland, crops, woodland, rubbish and refuse. There was a 35 per cent reduction in the number of road traffic collisions, but there were four fatalities, all on the M74. Crashes make up over a third of all special service incidents.

However, unintentional injury or harm rates remains the highest in the region, with 39 people hurt in the 12 months.

Meanwhile, over half of all unwanted fire alarm signals were in Annandale North and residential children’s homes and nursing homes were the most frequent locations, followed by industrial manufacturing and processing premises.

Updating councillors yesterday, SC Scott Irving said: “The number of deliberate fires, special service and accidental dwelling fire incidents remain almost unchanged from the previous year.

“The district has also seen a 27 per cent reduction in all accidental fires, whilst unwanted fire alarm signals have reduced by 13 per cent on last year’s figures.

“A key positive is that there were no fire casualties reported over the reporting period. For the second year running there were zero fire fatalities within Annandale and Eskdale, as well as zero non-fatal fire casualties for the reporting period 2019-20.”

He revealed the busiest times for callouts across the region are between 8 am and 10 pm and that most accidental home fires are cooking related, with 47 per cent starting in the kitchen.

The fire and rescue service is also involved in preventing harm and injury in the home and community and engaged with over 2400 people locally during 2019-20.

They provided CPR training to 743 people at groups and public events; water safety advice to 471 primary children across the district; road safety input to over 118 nursery children; and bonfire safety messaging to 451 primary school pupils.

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