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Decorate your tree for free

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By Fiona Reid
Decorate your tree for free

USING fruit, fabric scraps, and utilising Facebook marketplace are all frugal ways to save money decorating your Christmas trees this year.

The team at have shared a raft of inventive ways to decorate trees for free.

A spokesman said: “You don’t need a lot of expensive decorations to have a beautiful Christmas tree this year. It is so easy to enjoy a beautiful tree without spending a penny.”

1. Use dried fruit

Beautiful, fragrant and budget-friendly, this tip is an old-fashioned way to decorate the tree. If you have fruit that is starting to turn and go bad, then dry it! Most fruits can be dried but cranberries, apple slices, and orange slices are most traditional and they can be dried in a dehydrator or oven. Once dried, they can then be strung with thread and a needle to create a sweet decoration for your tree.

2. Use scrap paper

Growing up, many of us will remember making paper snowflakes as a kid. Why not get the scissors out and make them again? Use scrap paper or leftover magazines to make colourful snowflakes or snowmen. Or, cut out pictures you like from magazines of scenery, celebrities, or items you are interested in. Laminate them for extra wear and use string to hang them from your tree.

4. Use old fabric scraps

If you have fabric scraps sitting around, such as old or damaged clothes or bedding, then you can always tie them into bows to use on the tree. This is so simple. Just cut them up and tie them to the tree.

5. Look in your garden and local parks

Chances are your garden and the local park is full of natural items that would make pretty decorations for your tree! Curly branches, pine cones, acorns, and flowers would all bring your tree to life this Christmas. You can even use some glitter or paint to add some personality to the decorations.

Burns’ historic farmhouse launches recruitment drive

Burns’ historic farmhouse launches recruitment drive

JUST a few days ago we were all singing Auld Lang Syne to bring in the new year. And now lovers of the song, which is an anthem for friendship, are being asked to lend a hand to help the place where it was written.


10th Jan

Your Stars for 2021

By by Cameron | DNG24

Your Stars for 2021

ON the evening of the Winter Solstice, there is the Grand Conjunction. You will likely have heard about it. The Winter Solstice is the shortest day and longest night before the days begin to lengthen. This married with the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is pretty impactful. The likes of Dante, Shakespeare and Johannes Kepler have written of this astrological occurrence as of great import, especially as this one is the closest Grand Conjunction for over 500 years and it spells the start of a 200 year cycle in the new element of air. It is a time for those open to change to feel the fresh breeze. Of course, you can always resist, but if you seize the offer to flow, change and accept the new, it will manifest a year to remember. Your stars for 2021 indicates your way forward for making the most of your potential.

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