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Cycle to Syracuse: Destination Edinburgh

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THIS Saturday 100 cyclists will join Lockerbie’s fab five – the Cycle to Syracuse team – while they cycle from ‘the Cairn to the Castle’ . . . and they need the public to turn up in their droves to wave them off.

Paul Rae, Brian Asher, Colin Dorrance, David Whalley and David Walpole — along with 100 others will cycle from Lockerbie Academy to Edinburgh Castle.

They will depart from the school grounds at 8.30 am, following in the wake of Lockerbie RBL Pipe Band.

They hope to see the high street lined with well wishers and the cycle team will split in half, with one half going to Park Place and the other Sherwood Crescent to lay wreaths at the memorials.

Cyclists will return to the town hall where community council chairwoman Jan Andrews will lay a wreath at the memorial at 8.55 am before the cyclists then begin their Edinburgh journey.


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