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Cow led through supermarket in milk price protest

By Bob Geddes
Cow led through supermarket in milk price protest

DAIRY farmers in Dumfries and Galloway say more protests over the low price of milk are likely to be staged.

It follows a demonstration at Morrisons Supermarket in Dumfries on Friday night where a young cow was led through the supermarket in front of astonished staff and shoppers.

The farmers were highlighting the fact that a price of a pint of milk was less than half of a bottle of water and many fear they will go out of business.

Around 50 farmers met in Dumfries, then purchased most of the milk on the shelves before taking it out and giving it away.

After the young animal was taken through the supermarket police were called although there were no arrests.

The milk was later gifted to old folks homes and other centres in the town.

Dumfries and Galloway is one the main milk producing areas in the UK but herd numbers are dropping.

Gary Mitchell, former Scottish NFUS milk convener and a Wigtownshire dairy farmer, said their main argument was the way milk was being devalued.

He said: “Look at the price of a litre of milk, 39 pence compared with a £1 a litre a few years ago. It’s being devalued and farmers are really struggling just now to make ends meet.”

Mr Mitchell stressed that they were not particularly picking on Morrisons but supermarkets in general.

Morrisons, who faced a number of the protests across the country, stated: “We are disappointed with the disruption being caused to our stores and our customers.

“We recognise that the current issue is being caused by a reduction in global demand for milk that has led to an over-supply in the UK and very difficult conditions for many dairy farmers.

“We want to reiterate that we are not seeking any further reductions in milk prices and we will continue our talks with the NFU, in a constructive manner, to finalise our agreed plan of action.”


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