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Change speed limit plea in Royal Burgh

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By Fiona Reid
Change speed limit plea in Royal Burgh

A COMMUNITY group in Lochmaben hope to put pressure on the council to change the speed limit in and around the town.

Members of Lochmaben Community Council are growing increasingly tired of traffic and speed issues in the area. And they are putting together a strong case to see the speed limit in the high street slashed from 30 mph to 20 mph.

They are also keen to see the limit in the area around the Halleaths junction on the A709 drop from 60 mph to 40 mph and a 40 zone introduced on the entrance to Lochmaben via Dumfries.

Vice chairman Tony Hancock said: “The main concern is that the heavy volume of traffic, in particular heavy goods, are ignoring the 30 mph speed limit when entering the approaches to the town.

“We would like to see action taken ASAP with regard to speeding issues.”

Pledging his support, Councillor Stephen Thompson said: “I think it was clear from the Lochmaben Community Council meeting that Police Scotland and the community are keen to work together with the council to find practical and enforceable measures that make the roads and footways safer.

“Traffic type and volume through the town has increased over the years, and taken alongside the growing number of visitors and users especially at the Castle Loch end of town, it’s time to look again at how effective the current speed limits are.”

Meanwhile police Inspector Gordon McKnight, based at Lockerbie, advised that the police are always involved with the roads authority in any review that impacts on changes to road layouts.

He said: “I am aware that in recent years the roads authority undertook a review of speed limits on local A and B class roads.

“At that time for Lochmaben the only change was on the B7020 road near to the bowling green.”

He added: “I am not aware of any planned changes to Lochmaben at this time. If any proposals are to be considered the police will be consulted. “Any considerations for change to the current layout or speed limit would follow national guidance on this subject and take into account existing crash history.”

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