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Calling the region’s Wrens!

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By Fiona Reid
Calling the region's Wrens!

THE hunt is on for former Wrens who joined the service between 1947-81 and trained at HMS Dauntless in Reading.

Janette Crisp is compiling a searchable, accessible archive of divisional “class” photos that only ex wrens may access.

It will assist old friends to be rediscovered, memories shared and new friendships/support groups formed.

She said: “Thirty thousand Wrens went through the gates of the training establishment known as HMS Dauntless during the 34 years in operation. Approximately 40 divisions (classes) per year which means a rough total of 1360 classes which equals the potential for 1360 class photos. We currently have around 600 photos – 42.5 per cent of what’s possible.

“We’ve published in all the usual naval and military publications but we’d like to reach those ladies who don’t read these or use social media. If you were, or you know of any ladies who were, in the Wrens, please get in touch with us because we’d love to hear from you and quite possibly, give the opportunity to reconnect with old classmates.”

To reach Janette, email

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