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Battery project reaping rewards in the region

By Donald Turvill
Battery project reaping rewards in the region

A NEW energy-saving battery storage initiative is helping more than 100 residents in the region significantly reduce their monthly bills.

Tesla Powerwall batteries, which store energy from solar or the grid and allow households to use it anytime they want, are being installed in around 150 homes across Dumfries and Galloway not connected to the gas grid.

The project, being rolled out by Warmworks Scotland, has been made possible by a £1.25 million funding injection from SP Energy Networks Green Economy Fund and has already helped families in social housing save up to 70 per cent on energy bills each month since the first were installed last year.

One eligible recipient, Joseph Harkin, 83, who lives in the region, said prior to having a new battery hooked up his bills were “a bit steep,” and admitted he was “a bit worried about having a new system installed.”

However, Joseph remarked the new energy-saving system has been “extremely easy to use.”

He added: “Since it’s been installed, I’ve noticed a big difference in my monthly bills. Although I just tend to find myself spending more money on some treats at the supermarket each month.

“Every household is different but, having spoken to my neighbours, I know we’re all benefiting from this project and with the winter now fully upon us it’s great to have a lovely warm home every night without racking up the bills.”

Ross Armstrong, Warmworks’ managing director, said: “We know and understand that battery storage and renewable energy are going to play critical roles in Scotland’s future energy use, which is why it’s been so encouraging to see this project come to life and hear how it’s benefited people across Dumfries and Galloway.

“We feel strongly that people who are struggling with high energy costs should never have to miss out on innovative new technology and I’m delighted we’ve been able – thanks to the help from SP Energy Networks – to bring this project to life.”

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27th Feb

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