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Author releases second in series

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By Fiona Reid
Author releases second in series

LOCKDOWN and the events of 2020 have given Dumfriesshire author Pat Kirby plenty of plot ideas and time to write.

She has released another in her series of Last Year books and re-released a previous volume with a new cover.

Pat said: “Last year already seems a lifetime ago, doesn’t it? As we live in these interesting times, many of us think of endings and new beginnings. Sometimes with fear and anxiety, and sometimes with excitement and hope.

“Even in Southwest Scotland, the roller coaster keeps jinking around more corners than any of us would have predicted. My (The) Last Year series has grown from both of those emotional wells – and my desire to tell women’s stories that also include weird happenings, cheeky banter and occasional drunken singing is also a strong compulsion.”

The first in the series has been rebranded to be called Deborah: (The) Last Year, 2014. It tells the story of a woman who faces the predicted ending of her life with a year of tying up lose threads – and a lot of gin. As well as at least one doppelgänger.

Pat said: “Deborah has benefited from reader feedback and now reappears with a new cover and a re-edited interior.”

And it has been joined by a second book, Jane: (The) Last Year, 2016, which Pat says ‘takes a different turn but continues Deborah’s story as well as introducing a new cast of folk’.

The eponymous heroine isn’t worried about her health; she is, however, disconcerted by some experiences she is having around the river of her home town, Dumfries, which continue as she travels to Japan. Finding a way to make her art and her life fit together, alongside the important relationships she has with old and new friends, is the focus of Jane’s year.

Both books are available on Amazon as e-books and as paperbacks and more about them, Pat and her life can be found at www.patkirby.co.uk.


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