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Artist urges kids to get sketching

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By Fiona Reid
Artist urges kids to get sketching

TOP tips for drawing cartoons have been shared by an artist from Annan.

Jack O’Hara runs a weekly cartoon club at the Devil’s Porridge Museum in Eastriggs (when covid is not on).

And he wants to help keep the region’s youngsters drawing during lockdown.

Jack said: “If some children love drawing- a lot of fun can be had by simply purchasing a whiteboard and marker to practice their cartoon/drawing skills- saving paper and helping the environment!”

His top tips for budding artists are:

Draw what you love, copy your favourite ‘toons

If you can draw a matchstick man, you can draw a cartoon. Google The Saint cartoon. Make yours move too

Make eyes big

Make the eyes move

Have fun!

Jack has put lots more about cartoons and other art fun activities on his Facebook page Noodles Cartoons and on Instagram at diaryofascottydog.

And both he and we would love to see any creations you come up with during lockdown, for publication in future issues.

Send your drawings to [email protected]

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