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Ancient site

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By Fiona Reid
Ancient site

THE Mostly Ghostly team have been reflecting on a past research visit they made to the Three Stanning’ Stanes at Moffat.

Also known as Dyke Row, there are different theories about their origins and a Mostly Ghostly spokesman said: “Some believe they date back to either Roman or Druidical times and were a burial ground for Druid leaders. There is another school of thought; the story goes they were erected to mark the 1332 defeat of Edward Balliol by Douglas and Randolph.

“In terms of local folklore, we’ve received some wonderful stories. One lady shared a tradition that the stones turn into skeletons after midnight; another lady recalls being told by her Gran not to look back at them, and apparently, on one night of the year, the dead rise from their graves to seek out their companions, returning to the spot by dawn.

“Thanks to everyone who has shared tales and please keep them coming!”

Photo courtesy of Mostly Ghostly

Shielded patients qualify for free flu jab

Shielded patients qualify for free flu jab

ALL Covid-19 shielded patients and their household members in Dumfries and Galloway will be eligible for free flu vaccinations.

Dumfries and West, Front

29th Sep

All set for kerbside recycling

By Fiona Reid | DNG24

All set for kerbside recycling

KERBSIDE recycling will finally kick off in the region next month - but only in Wigtownshire.

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