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£30k lotto joy for farmer dad

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By Fiona Reid
£30k lotto joy for farmer dad

A DAD-of-five from Rowanburn has described being ‘gobsmacked’ after finding out he’d landed a £30,000 prize thanks to his postcode.

Craig Hall, 43, scooped the cash when DG14 0RL was announced as a winner with People’s Postcode Lottery on Saturday.

Craig, who is a timber driver as well as a sheep and cattle farmer, was on a break from work in the cab of his lorry when he found out how much he’d won on a video call with People’s Postcode Lottery ambassador Jeff Brazier.

Seeing his cheque, Craig was taken aback and exclaimed: “£30,000? You are joking me. You’re joking.

“I thought it might be a hundred pounds, a thousand maybe but I never thought I’d be as lucky as that.

“I really am gobsmacked. It’s not your average morning – I’m pinching myself to make sure it’s real!”

Dad-of-five Craig couldn’t wait to get home and tell his wife Vicki the good news. He commented: “She’ll think I’m joking. She’ll be screaming and dancing round the house. She’ll be overwhelmed. The children will be too.

“When I first got the call, I thought it was my father-in-law pulling my leg – we always joke we’ll win big one day and I’ve never won anything in my life!”

Asked how he’d spend the money, Craig said: “Oh, a luxury holiday will be coming up when we can get away. I’ll leave it up to Vicki to decide where – she’s the boss.

“The kids’ shopping lists will be growing too.”

After presenting Craig with his cheque, People’s Postcode Lottery ambassador Jeff Brazier said: “Well, I don’t think Craig was expecting that – what a great reaction!

“It was my pleasure to deliver him some good news. I’m chuffed for him and hope he has a great time treating himself and his family.”

And he revealed that Craig won big because he was the only person playing with the winning postcode.

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