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TV ‘proclamation’ of love for Annan’s Jen

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ANNAN lovely Jen Sommerville proved she was worth walking ‘500 miles’ for when she appeared on a hit TV dating programme this week.

The 25-year-old, who currently lives and works in London, starred in Tuesday night’s episode of First Dates on Channel 4.

Jen, who works in IT, was set up on a blind date with fellow IT worker David, also living in the capital city.

And it seemed to be love at first sight for David, who was enamoured by Jen’s Scottish twang.

Appearing to hit it off, the two were happy to discover they were both fans of bands the Smiths and the Clash.

And announcing his love for singing, David even broke out into song, serenading his Scottish date with The Proclaimers’ hit “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”, much to the amusement, delight and even horror of fellow diners.

And their date charmed the nation, with a video of David serenading the Annan lass going viral.

The Annandale Observer caught up with Jen following Tuesday night’s airing of the episode to see if the path to true love was running smoothly.

Speaking to this newspaper, Jen, who confessed to having one-too-many proseccos when she applied for the show, said: “I applied foralaugh thinking it would never come to anything, but a year later they contacted me, asking if I was still interested.Iwas still single so why not?

“It was all a bit surreal, I wouldn’t change it though. I had such a fun time meeting Dave and having the experience shared with him, he’s reallyatop guy.

“The date itself was so fun, but I was a little bit tipsy. We had suchabrilliant time and I met a great person in the process.”

Despite it looking like the young pair wereacouple in the making, they have in fact never had a second date.

Jen said: “We unfortunately don’t see each other and never did manage to have a second date, but we do stay in touch from time to time, he’s a lovely guy but things just didn’t work out. I wish him all the best.”

Jen continues her quest for love

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