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17 potholes per kilometre

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THERE are 17 potholes on each kilometre of road in Dumfries and Galloway.

And, in total, 83,251 potholes were recorded in the region in the three year period up to 2018, it has emerged.

That makes the region the seventh worst in the whole of the UK for road craters.

The information has emerged via a Freedom of Information request submitted by The Insurance Emporium. They also found that Dumfries and Galloway Council spend the least amount of money of all the local authorities in the top ten on their 4717 kilometres of roads – just 17p per capita, compared to £60.62 by the City of London, £40.14 in Coventry and £19.46 in Stirling.

Commenting on the national problem, pothole expert Professor Nicholas Thom, of Nottingham University, said: “Potholes are not an inevitable fact of life. They are caused by water that gets into the road surface and is then squeezed by the action of high tyre pressures, made worse by freezing and thawing. The number of potholes per kilometre on a given authority’s roads depends not only on the repair budget, repair strategy, and the climate – frosts are bad news – but also on a historical policy choice, namely what surfacing materials to use.”

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