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Security top priority as festival crowds gather

Section:  Lockerbie and Lochmaben, Moffat  | Tags: ,

REMAIN vigilant and inform police of anything suspicious — that’s the message ahead of two major events in Moffat and Lockerbie.


Eden Festival near Moffat today open their gates to a record number of attendees, having risen to 9000 this year. And Saturday will see Lockerbie host their annual gala.

Following recent terror attacks in Manchester and London, the region’s new Events Champion Councillor Adam Wilson has assured that safety and security is always a top priority for the region.

Councillor Wilson said: “The council is the licensing authority for music festivals and licences are issued after detailed reviews of public safety planning, which includes site plans, risk assessments and other documentation.

“This consultation includes Police Scotland, the Fire and Rescue Service and the NHS. “The terrible attacks in Manchester and London leads us to question the effectiveness of our security procedures at events closer to home.

“Here in Dumfries and Galloway we can be assured that the professionalism of local groups, communities, the council, the police and other agencies means that we have a joint approach to tackling any security issue that may arise during major local events.

“A great example of this is the Boyd Group,aDumfries-based company, which has been commissioned by the council to work with local music festivals to support the preparation of all their planning related to public safety.”

Councillor Wilson added: “The whole community is grateful to the police and emergency services for their hard work and dedication in helping local events to run smoothly.

“I would just urge any resident or event goer, to remain vigilant and inform the police of anything you consider suspicious.

“That way we can ensure that the whole community can enjoy events like Lockerbie Gala.”

And attendees have been told by police that they are always monitoring and considering security arrangements.

Chief Inspector Stuart Davidson of Police Scotland said: “Security is constantly under review at all our major events in Dumfries and Galloway.

“Police Scotland work closely with the organisers of these events to ensure that the appropriate security is afforded to each event, taking cognisance of both the current national threat level and local factors which require to be managed.”

Eden Festival have meanwhile ‘politely declined’ to comment on their police and security plans.

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