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Theme park trip sparked seven stone weight loss

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A WOMAN who lost seven-and-a-half stone and dropped five dress sizes is re-launching the Dalbeattie Slimming World branch.

As a teenager Danielle Brown, now 29, was always conscious about her weight and when she was put on steroids in her early 20s her weight soared and she reached a size 22.

She said: “I became very insecure within myself.

“My weight was affecting my day to day life, my health and my self confidence.”

But it wasn’t until a day at a theme park took a turn for the worst that Danielle decided something had to change.

She said: “As the attendant struggled to get the harness closed I felt so upset.

“I knew that enough was enough and I needed to finally be honest with myself and take control of my weight.

“Although I tried to lose weight myself I knew I needed support.”

Danielle decided to join Slimming World and hasn’t looked back since.

She said: “I was dubious when she told me I would never feel hungry but I trusted the plan and made changes.”

In her first week Danielle shed an impressive 5.5lbs and has gone on to lose a whopping seven-and-a-half stone and life has never been better.

She said: “I no longer need to rely on my inhalers for my asthma. I feel confident in trying new things as my weight no longer holds me back. I started swimming and received my silver body magic award in group. Best of all, I am happy.”

And her weight loss has also taken Danielle on a career path as she is now a fully trained Slimming World consultant.

She is re-launching a Dalbeattie group which will meet for the first time at the Parish Church Hall, on October 12.

BEFORE . . . Danielle was unhappy with her size 22 frame

BEFORE . . . Danielle was unhappy with her size 22 frame


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