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Puffin pix impress photographer

Section:  Dumfries and West  | Tags: , ,

AN award-winning photographer from the region had the difficult task of judging a national picture competition.

Tom Langlands had the job of choosing the winners in the Scottish Seabird Centre’s puffin photo contest.
And he had 150 to pick from over the four weeks it ran.
A specialist in nature and wildlife photography, Tom was blown away by the high standard of entries submitted into the Seabird Centre’s competition.
He said: “Puffins are a ‘red status’ bird in terms of conservation – this means that they are of greatest concern with numbers having declined rapidly in recent decades. It is therefore wonderful to see so many amazing images of these ‘clowns of the sea’.
“It was a pleasure and an honour to see so many wonderful puffin images from a host of different places. I had a lot of fun judging the competition and I do hope that everyone who took part got pleasure from it too.”

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