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Plant monitor opportunity

Section:  Annan and Eskdale, Dumfries and West, Lockerbie and Lochmaben, Moffat  | Tags: , ,

MEMBERS of the public are being urged to get involved in a National Plant Monitoring Scheme (NPMS) to better understand the region’s habitat.

Help is needed locally to fill “significant gaps” in UK biodiversity surveillance.
Surveys are organised by Plantlife and their co-ordinator Hayley New said: “Thankfully we have a very good understanding of changes in the populations of birds, butterflies and bats. But despite plants being the very foundation of habitats and ecosystems, we do not currently have a good measure of changes in plant populations across the country.
“Given plants fuel the diversity of life it is essential that we better understand the changes underway across the countryside at large.”
She added: “From climate change to air pollution, plants face an increasing array of challenges and it is essential that we improve monitoring so that we are able to fill the green gap in UK biodiversity surveillance and step up conservation efforts where necessary.”
She explained that there are different levels of participation and volunteers do not have to be an experienced botanist.
Over 1000 people have already signed up nationwide to monitor various habitats, including moorland, grassland and woodland, but more volunteers are needed to take the project to the next level.
Hayley added: “More survey squares need adopting if we are to get an accurate picture of plant life.”
Each NPMS surveyor receives free training then is allocated a convenient 1km square to visit and record the species they find there.
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