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Mooning moment leads to rally ban for Jock

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FORMER Scottish Rally champion Jock Armstrong has been banned from rallying for six months – for mooning.


But businessman Jock from Castle Douglas wasn’t even driving at the time of the rally at Kirkcudbright.
Instead, the 47-year-old was marshalling at the Solway Coast Rally held at the military base near Dundrennan.
As well as a six month ban from rallying, Jock, who finished runner up in this year’s Scottish Championship, had a £1000 fine slapped on him by the Motor Sport Association (MSA).
Jock won the Scottish Championship in 2015 and 2016 and has been rallying for 25 years.
Now hundreds of people are posting on Facebook and calling for the ban to be lifted and his licence re-instated for rallying.
Explaining, he said he’d been 30-40 metres from the car and dropped his shorts as the driver he sponsored was going past.
Jock said it had been a prank that had gone wrong: “The photographer was the only person there and he was focused on the car and I was just a blur.”
But at the hearing on Tuesday, the MSA claimed he had brought the sport into disrepute.
However, Jock said: “Even though it was blurred I went down and admitted it. I apologised for any inconvenience but they fined and banned me.
“Hundreds of people have been posting on Facebook. Not one post said they were offended.
“I didn’t have to go to the hearing but I thought I would go and explain myself and I didn’t want the driver to get into trouble.
“I didn’t want to create accidents or disgrace anyone in the motorsport industry.”
Describing the punishment as “a bit heavy handed”, he added: “I think that’s a bit excessive for something that someone else has posted on Facebook.
“The best of it is I’m banned from rallying but they haven’t stopped me from marshalling which I was doing that day.
“I’m not going to appeal against for it’s only six months in your life.”
The decision means he will miss the first two rounds of next year’s Scottish championship.
A spokesman for the Solway Car Club that runs the rally said: “It’s all a bit unfortunate. The event was run by us and it was just a prank that went wrong.
“It was put on social media and the MSA thought it was bringing the sport into disrepute.”

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