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Lockerbie: 29 years on

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TWENTY-NINE-years ago today, Lockerbie was the town on everyone’s lips.

For December 21 marks the anniversary of the 1988 Pan Am 103 disaster, but it’s set to pass quietly in the town without any official tribute.

Dumfries and Galloway Council have confirmed they are not organising any memorial events this year.

However, it seems a lot of townsfolk think the day should be marked.

Earlier this month we asked locals if and how they wanted to see the anniversary commemorated.

And feelings were strong that something should be done, with some people calling it ‘ridiculous’ that the question should need to be asked.

Suggestions left on our Facebook page included a designated minute’s silence and wreath laying.

One person said: “Without a shadow of doubt it should be remembered. The town pulled together amazingly: it protected us young ones from some of the horrors, it gave shelter to the needy and we lost some of our own as well as the many from the plane.

“This was an international incident and do you even ask the question to any other international incident?

“It’s disgusting this question is even being asked and Dumfries and Galloway Council need to hang their heads in shame. We, the survivors, will never forget and will always be thankful we’re still here.”

Another added: “Of course it should be marked, just the same as it should each and every year as a mark of re- spect for those who lost their lives and also those who helped in the aftermath.

“It doesn’t need to be a big song and dance . . . but a set time for a minute of silence and some nice wreaths laid on the memorials would be nice.

“That way those who want to remember and pay tribute can, but those who would rather leave it in the past can also do so.”

But despite the outpour of need to see the day marked, this week Dumfries and Galloway Council also revealed there are no plans yet to mark next year’s 30th anniversary. Officers said the community will need to express an interest if they want something to happen.

And Annandale North Councillor Adam Wilson said: “I think the council tend to see if someone puts in a request then they will support as required, rather than taking the lead in organis- ing a memorial.”

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