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Kickboxers caught up in airline chaos

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AN AIRLINE’S collapse may prevent a World Champion martial artist from Dumfries from defending his title.

David Gauld and a team from his Let’s Do Martial Arts club in Terregles Street were due to fly to Portugal for the World Karate Kickboxing Championships at the end of this month – with Monarch Airlines.

With the firm entering administration on Monday, David said: “There’s supposed to be seven of us from this region, going to join the Scotland team. We’re all booked with Monarch.”

Like many others, David only learned that Monarch had entered administration from the news on Monday.

With the team including competitors as young as ten, he said: “My first reaction was that the children and the younger kids wouldn’t understand.

“They’d be devastated at the news that it looks like we’re not able to go.”

David says they will be able to get refunds.

But he added: “The prices are just too high for us to be able to afford to still go – it’s double the price.”

David was crowned World Champion when he competed in last year’s championships, which also took place in Portugal.

And he said: “I’d hoped to defend my title, but it doesn’t look like it.”

Addressing the other’s reaction, David said: “They’ve actually been very understanding and humble.
“We have got a tournament in November, so I’ve tried to channel their energy into that.”

And unless someone steps forward with funding which would allow the trip to go ahead, the team will next compete in the World Championships when they take place in the UK next year.

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