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I❤ Moffat

Section:  Moffat

George Edward, of Moffat Tourist Information Centre, is pleased to be stocked up with ‘Moffat – the  of Southern Scotland’ bumper stickers.

The brainchild of Roy Anderton-Tyres, aka Uncle Roy, he said he first came up with the idea 20 years ago.

He said: “When I started naming Uncle Roy’s products – Moffat Mustard, Moffat Dollop, Moffat Meadows etc it was with the intent of raising awareness of Moffat.

“Also around 20 years ago when I was in Harvest Time, I produced and sold the car stickers and the sight of one still in use after 20 years has inspired me to produce a new batch.”

And he’s offering a special discount for readers of the Moffat News, and said: “The stickers are now available at the Moffat Tourist Information Centre at a reduced price during August to Moffat News readers in the hope that as many Moffatonians as possible will use them to support our main industry and help raise awareness of Moffat as they travel nationwide.

“To get your reduced price sticker just quote this news from the News.

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