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Get healthy in 8 weeks

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A NEW free online programme has been launched to give extra support to people as they try to get healthier.

The ‘Let’s Do This Eight Week Challenge’ allows users to set and track their health-related goals over an eight week period.

Goals focus on everyday changes – such as consuming healthier drinks and eating smaller portion sizes – and becoming more physically active.
And it also contains a bank of healthy recipes, achievable fitness tips and health-related inspiration to keep people motivated.

It has been developed by the National Charity Partnership, a partnership between Diabetes UK, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Tesco.
Spokesman Alex Davis said: “The idea behind our eight week challenge is to support people to make small, positive changes to their lifestyle which will ultimately help to make a big difference to their long-term health.
“The challenge is designed to help get people started on their personal journey towards developing lifelong healthier behaviours, such as eating more fruit and vegetables and getting more active.
“We’re encouraging people in Dumfriesshire to use our online tool, make a lifestyle change for eight weeks and discover the benefits these changes can make.”
The Let’s Do This Eight Week Challenge can be accessed via mobiles, tablets and PCs at

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