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Dougie’s big challenge

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DOUGIE the Doonhamer is in full training for what could be the biggest race of his life.

The Queen Of The South mascot will be up against all the best mascots from across Scotland at Hamilton Park Racecourse this Friday.
The Ladbrokes 2016 Mascot Challenge will see Dougie put through his paces in a bid to be crowned number 1.
With a determination to win, Dougie has been getting himself in shape and recently joined the Queens U20 squad to be put through his paces.
Community coach Dan Armstrong said: “Dougie really wants to bring the trophy back to Dumfries and show everyone that it’s not just the first team who are striving for success this season. Given his attitude towards the race, we felt it only fair that we supported him with his challenge and therefore we were happy to help him step up his training to make sure he is in the best shape possible for the 26th.”


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