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Disabled driver’s anger at no parking note

Section:  Lockerbie and Lochmaben, Moffat  | Tags: ,

A DISABLED driver says he was made to feel unwelcome in Moffat, following a “crude” plea not to park in a public street.

Hugh Munro, 67, from Selkirk spent the day fundraising in Moffat for a national dementia charity on Saturday.

Afterwards the blue badge holder decided to park up in the town’s Church Street while he attended a near-by chip shop.

And when he returned he was horrified to find a note on his car requesting he free up the space.

Hugh, who was diagnosed with polio at age three and walks with crutches, said: “When I returned five minutes later a crude hand written note was attached to my windscreen – ‘please do not park here, residents need to park’.

“I felt most unwelcome and given my blue badge was on display feel really disgusted.

“The person who did this did not have the courtesy to discuss the matter. What a way to welcome and treat a visitor.”

News of the incident has embarrassed and saddened the town’s community council chairman, Bob Opray.

He said: “I’m disgusted to hear about this and would very much like to ring the gentlemen and offer an apology.

“Moffat has no residents only parking streets, so this should not have happened. “The community council has been busy trying to put Moffat on the map as the most disability friendly town in the region, so for someone to ask a blue badge holder to move on is really disappointing.”

Clarifying matters, a Police Scotland spokesman said: “As long as the car is legal and not causing any obstruction you can park anywhere-and of course this is a great bone of contention with some people who think that the roadway outside their house is theirs.”

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