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Dialysis investment in the west

Section:  Dumfries and West

DIALYSIS patients in the west will have better access to treatment following the installation of new equipment.

However, they will face a three-week disruption during the changeover.

A state-of-the-art water purification system will be fitted at Galloway Community Hospital to ensure water of the highest quality is available for treatments.

Section manager of NHS Dumfries and Galloway’s Renal Technical Services Gerry Boyle said: “There’s a very great need to have very, very pure water.

“The water is used throughout the dialysis process to create a special fluid.”

Offering reassurance he added: “The system we’ve got at the Galloway is still very good system and in good condition, but it’s heading towards the end of its life-cycle and technology is moving on.

“The new one that we’re going to build produces water at the very highest quality, has an automatic disinfection process and requires less technical downtime and intervention.”

“This is as good a system that exists in any dialysis facility in Scotland.”

The Central Water Plant required to produce water of a purity in excess of the very clean drinking water on site is around the size of two large American-style fridge freezers, and is set to be installed from February 19.

The three-week installation period also allows for checks to ensure the new equipment is meeting strict requirements – with 19 UK standards and sets of guidelines that have an influence on the quality of water used in dialysis.

Galloway Community Hospital can provide dialysis to up to four patients at a time, in two shifts every day.

And while installation of the new equipment is taking place, people currently receiving routine dialysis at Galloway Community Hospital will instead do so at facilities at Kirkcudbright Hospital and in Dumfries, depending on requirements.

A total of 14 patients have been notified of the move, and transport is being provided.

Once work is complete at Galloway Community Hospital it will mean that no aspect of the key equipment comprising four dialysis treatment points and the Central Water Plant will be more than two years old.

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